Svetà MARLIER – La Comédie
Price : 3 500 €

Technics : Black stone, acrylic, ink, magnetic stuffed animals on canvas
Dimension : 145 x 110 cm

“La Comédie” sur les traces de l’Enfer, le Purgatoire et le Paradis de Dante Alighieri et illustrations de Gustave Doré…

Une tempête infernale qui aspire les âmes dans son tourbillon, La forêt divine qui cache les démons, les femmes oiseaux, les serpents, louve, chien et lion, Minotaure avec la posture de Penseur de Rodin sur La porte de l’Enfer, lumière en forme d’une serrure…

Un couple et une enfant tombent en apesanteur comme dans Alice au pays de merveilles, la petite fille tenant la pomme le fruit mythique et mystique par excellence, symbole d’immortalité, de sagesse et de pouvoir suprême,  deux lapins doudous un lap1ange et lap1démon rassurant  ce n’est qu’un rêve…”

Svetà MARLIER – Dans la Forêt
Price : 3 500 €

Technics : Black stone, walnut stain, acrylic on canvas
Dimension : 145 x 110 cm

Unique work offered to the AFM Téléthon during the Grande Tombola du Téléthon organized by Stars Solidaires and France Télévisions and it brought in €21,010.

Svetà MARLIER – « Déjeuner sur le radeau » 2018

Technics : Acrylic, black stone, tin can on canvas
Dimension : 140 x 210 cm

The raft and the sea represent life ahead of us, People, as in real life, all have different values, all on the same raft, a test for some, unconsciousness for others, hope , melancholy, arrogance, loneliness, support, suffering…

References in the History of Art : Edouard Manet’s Lunch on the Grass, Théodore Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa, Katsushika Hokusai’s Wave, Michelangelo’s Pietà are used to demonstrate the tragedy of today’s world : wars, migrations, the Mediterranean devastated by plastic pollution, oil spills…

Svetà MARLIER – « Le Cirque » 2018

Technics : acrylic and black stone, metal rings on canvas
Dimension : 150 x 195 cm

The highlight of his series « personalized figuration », his painting Circus, was created for the Mass of the Artists of Nice in 2018.
He staged several artists around the chaplain of the artists of Nice Yves-Marie Lequin, a kind of Mr. Loyal of this composition.
It is easy to recognize Patrick Schumacher and his animal chimera Rhinozébros, Svetà herself on her horse, her artist friend Ulis in clown…

Intrinsically linked to the Russian family and cultural history of Svetà Marlier, the circus has a place apart in its inspiration. She tells how her grandfather was drying classes to go to the circus, with his brother who himself will direct his own circus in Ukraine.
Through this accumulation of experiences and personalities all gathered in the center of the track, Svetà highlights the possibility for everyone to express themselves around art in all possible forms.

Svetà MARLIER – « L’exode des artistes » 2018

Technics : Acrylic paint, black stone on cotton canvas
Dimension : 220 x 150 cm

Artist expresses the universal and timeless exodus of humanity. It does not belong to any country, it is not reserved for a category of population, a color of people, but
it must touch us from wherever it comes.
As in all the personified figurative paintings of Svetà the message is at the same time ultra personalized with the presence of known characters, often artists like Nivèse Oscari, only female artist of the School of Nice, and her husband Frédéric Altmann, photographer and critic of the School of Nice, and so many other artists for whom Svetà has so much admiration.

She is also Svetà’s own daughter in front of her abandoned teddy bear…
But the work of Svetà Marlier is never pessimistic, it injects in permanent filigree a message of hope, that of a people on the move, who is extricated from the darkness, the greyness, the despondency, which is committed to light and hope… with the children in the front line of course.

Svetà MARLIER – Diptyque « La vie » 2019

Technics : Acrylic paint, black stone on cotton canvas
Dimension : 145 x 410 cm

The diptych «Life» invites us to travel somewhere between Africa and Mesopotamia in search of the origins of humanity. The artist explores Genesis and expresses here the happiness of life, evoking the existing links between all species, men, women, mammals, birds.
In the history of creation, trees all have a symbolic meaning: the Baobab, the largest and most emblematic of Africa, whose branches look like roots, the Tree of Life, which evokes the origins of the world , the Tree of Knowledge of the Garden of Delights with Adam and Eve and the temptress Lilith, sulphurous, rebellious, driven from earthly paradise because it went against the will of God, and with the demons found refuge in Gehenna.

Svetà MARLIER – « La danse de l’espérance » 2017

Technics : Acrylic and black stone on wood
Dimension : 90 x 50 cm

As in the tradition of the altarpieces, artists and sponsor are represented on the polyptych : « Door Ex-voto ». We see them dancing a medley. It is an evocation of another tradition of art both civil and religious, that of the « danse macabre »  which was a joyous reminder of the human condition. An invitation to a festive fraternity where we saw all the representatives of a city, notables, workers, poor people, forming a procession debonair with skeletons and Death leading the ball.
A paradoxical joy, both serious and light that produces the real hope (Yves-Marie Lequin).
July 14th, 2017, 22h30, Saint Pierre d’Arène. One year after the attack in Nice, artists and a priest create a monumental door opening on an injured city but who aspires to find hope. A memorial for all. Louis Dollé, Patrick Schumacher, Svetà Marlier, Jean Paul Fouques, Patrick Moya, Michel Anthony, Jean Marie Fondacaro, Jean Francois Gaulthier, Yves Marie Lequin, and the priest Gil Florini.